When it comes to direct sales, offline marketing works.  But, so does online marketing!  Why not take the best of both worlds and embrace a “hybrid marketing” style?  That’s what we do, and that’s what you can expect us to share here.  We have been lucky to have been top income earners in direct sales… but there is more on the table than even that.  E-commerce is a huge income source and we have also earned tens of thousands a month in the e-com niche as well.

Stay plugged in to this site for training, updates, news, and more on internet marketing, e-commerce, and direct sales.

In the direct sales space the number one thing you need is more leads.  To immediately begin to work with us directly to get more leads for YOUR business, click here.

Our blog is where you will find most of the good stuff…  The kind of training we used to charge for but now just give away for free here. Here’s some quick links to find what you are looking for fast:

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